At Market Weighton Dental Practice, our policy is to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and systems of work for all our employees and to provide the training and supervision needed for this purpose. The practice will take all reasonable steps to maintain premises, equipment and work systems so that they are safe and without risk to health. All appropriate regulations and codes of practice will be observed. Employees also have a responsibility to take care of the health and safety of themselves and others.


Mark Chrimes is responsible for health and safety in the practice and all accidents and spillages must be immediately reported to him. Mark Chrimes is also responsible for training staff in all health & safety matters and you should ask him for help if you are in any doubt about using materials or equipment.


Report all accidents (including spillages and sharps injuries, etc.) to Mark Chrimes immediately, whether or not they involve personal injury. Ensure all accidents are recorded in the accident book and all sections are completed. The practice first aid box is clearly marked and is kept in the clean decontamination room with the First Aid sign displayed on the cupboard door.

Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences

The practice is compliant with RIDDOR and all employees should make themselves aware of the regulations which can be found in the Health and Safety File or online at

General Fire Safety

The fire extinguishers and alarms are regularly maintained and tested. Extinguishers are located in the waiting room and outside the stock room. Training in the use of these appliances is given to all staff regularly throughout the year at staff meetings.


It is the responsibility of all team members to maintain rigorous personal hygiene. All staff must wear surgical gloves before handling instruments and materials to be used in the mouth. All substances that have been in contact with the mouth must be assumed to be contaminated and either sterilised or disposed of as instructed. Contaminated needles and sharps are to be disposed of in designated containers; heavy duty gloves must be worn when handling them and every precaution taken to avoid injury.


All substances used in the practice must be handled carefully and care taken to avoid skin contamination, inhalation or ingestion.

Personal Protection Equipment

Market Weighton Dental Practice will provide PPE where necessary, including gloves (surgical and heavy-duty), masks, eye-wear and impervious aprons. Open-toed shoes must not be worn.

Manual Handling

Lifting or moving a heavy object has the potential to cause injury unless care is taken. The protocol on Manual Handling Procedures (located in the Health and Safety File) should be studied and adhered to.

Electrical Equipment

Electrical equipment must NEVER be touched with wet hands. In the event of a malfunction, disconnect at the mains and affix a label stating that the machine is “OUT OF ORDER”.

In compliance with Portable Electric Equipment (PEE) regulations, electrical equipment is checked regularly to ensure there is no damage, fuses are of the correct amperage and that there are no bare wires. Appliances display stickers to show the date of their last inspection.


Never use any machinery unless you have been instructed in its safe use. Make no attempt to dismantle, repair or service machinery without instruction.

In the case of an emergency or malfunction, electrical equipment must be switched off and Mark Chrimes alerted immediately.

Pressure Vessels

Compressors and autoclaves are pressure vessels and must only be operated by team members who have been fully trained in their safe use. All compressors and autoclaves are regularly inspected, serviced and certified.

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)

The practice complies with the COSHH Regulations 2002.

All staff should be familiar with the practice’s COSHH documentation which is kept in the COSHH File located in the office. Training is provided and regularly updated. All team members are required to sign the COSHH documents to confirm that they have received training.


The practice complies with the Ionising Radiation Regulations 2017 and the Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations 2018. These regulations are for the protection of staff, patients and the public. All radiographic equipment must be operated in accordance with local rules, which are to be found in the Radiation File located in the office. The local rules are also displayed in each surgery and in the OPG room. Appropriate training in radiological protection will be given to all staff; however only those staff with appropriate training as specified in the regulations may actually take radiographs.

Managing Pressure at Work

We recognise that from time to time all team members, including the dentists, feel under pressure, whether arising from work or domestic responsibilities. Please do make these situations known as we may be able to help.

Food and Drink

Food and drink must not be taken into the surgeries and may only be consumed in the staff room.


In compliance with Government legislation, Market Weighton Dental Practice premises are smoke-free and e-cigarette free.

Medical Conditions

You should inform Carolyn or Mark Chrimes if you suffer from any medical condition which may require extra care by the practice, particularly in an emergency. Any information given will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Expectant mothers should inform Carolyn or Mark Chrimes and we will endeavour to adapt to your physical condition. We will arrange access to expert advice if you have concerns about health or safety in the workplace as regards pregnancy.

Resuscitation in an Emergency

All team members must attend regular training in resuscitation techniques and procedures. These sessions are organised by the practice and will take place during normal working hours in conjunction with Denplan CPD training days.

The portable oxygen cylinder, AED (along with other resuscitation equipment) and the emergency drugs kit are kept in the clean decontamination room. An Emergency Collapse Procedure sheet is together with this equipment.

The clean decontamination room is always unlocked when the practice is working but locked when there is no-one on the premises.

Display Screens

Our computer screens are compliant with Display Screen Regulations. Employees should ensure that the adjustable seating is in the correct position when using the computer. Employees should also take frequent breaks when using the VDU screens. This should be approximately a 5-10 minute break for every 50-60 minutes continuous screen and/or keyboard work.

Review of Health and Safety Policy

Our practice Health and Safety Policy will be kept up to date, particularly as the practice introduces new materials and equipment. To ensure this, the policy and the way in which it has operated will be reviewed every year and practice meetings are held regularly to discuss any interim problems.